Trojans News · Trenton Crew Competes in St. Catharines, Ontario​

Thursday, May 30th – 30 Members of Trenton Crew traveled to St. Catharines, Ontario to compete in Canada’s largest high school regatta. This three-day competition brings 128 schools, and 1800 athletes to compete from all over the United States and Canada. Trenton sent 9 boats to compete and of those 9 boats two made it to the finals on Sunday- The competition was fierce and our rowers did not disappoint with most of our boats putting up their best times of the season. In Canada anyone over 16 must compete in the senior division that meant that most boats competed against much older, stronger and experienced rowers. The two boats that made it to the finals were: Women’s Senior LT Weight 8 + and Women’s Jr. LT weight 4+. Both boats competed and showed some impressive times and technique.

Boats in the Finals:

WSR LT Weight 8+: Laura Howey, Natalie Laney, Allison Cullen, Megan Cullen, Kelly Truitt, Riley Dolence, Avary Allstead, Rachel Stapleton and Coxie: Kelsey Boldiszar

WJR LT Weight 4+: Laura Howey, Riley Dolence, Avary Allstead, Rachel Stapleton and Coxie: Cecelia Pattenaude

List of Athletes chosen to compete:

Kelsey Boldiszar​​Avary Berger​​Cam Day

Sarah Miles​​Allison Cullen​​Jacob Thompson

Alexis Kettler​​Natalie Laney​​Nicholas Christopher

Maddison Himick​Sophie McKee​​Caden Westrate

Jessie Smith​​Cecelia Pattenaude​Carter Fox

Rachel Stapleton​Megan Cullen​​Caleb Raupp

Avary Allstead​​​​​Matthew Kemp

Riley Dolence​​​​​Caden Baleczak

Hannah Bulatovic​​​​Greyson Jimenez

Caroline Keller​​​​​Timothy Irvin

Kelly Truitt​​​​​

Laura Howey

Kristina Drabczyk

Elizabeth Medel

The 2019 Trenton Varsity Crew in five short seasons has rowed its way to one of the most winningest seasons to date.  They have had at least one boat in the finals for every single regatta this year; and 95% of the team has medaled or been in the top 3 of at least one regatta, including three boats securing medals at the state championship. Congratulations Trenton Crew to an impressive season!!

2019 Regatta Score Card:

Hebda Cup Women Co- Champions

Hebda Cup team overall 3rd place

Wy-Hi– Women 2nd place

Wy-Hi men 3rd place

Wy-Hi team overall 2nd place

State Championship- 1 silver and 2 bronze boats

London- 3 gold medal boats

St. Catharines: 2 boats in the finals