Trojans News · Message to All MHSAA High School Athletes

I wanted to share with you a message from Livonia Churchill Athletic Director Marc Hage, as I think it provides a great message to all athletes.


Dear MHSAA High School Athlete:

We Repeat What We Don’t Repair…

In similar fashion to an athletic competition, life can change at a moments notice. During the week of March 16, 2020, it did just that for all of you. A part of your innocence was taken away from you with the announcement that high school sports in the State of Michigan have been postponed indefinitely. “How can this happen,” “This was our year to win it all,” “I am a senior captain this year, we have to play,” “what will we do without high school athletics,” were just some of the many phrases we both heard and verbalized ourselves in the past days. The landscape has changed and not just within the realm of high school athletics, but within our country and global society as an entire entity. The question now becomes, where do we go from here.

We Repeat What We Don’t Repair…

Naturally, you have every right to be upset, angry, frustrated, and every other emotion which can accompany a piece of youthful innocence which you no longer possess. That is your right and you deserve the ability to mourn and bemoan that which once belonged to you and your teammates.  However, that time has now passed. If each of you have learned nothing else from your time spent engaged in high school athletics, let it be this-loss provides opportunity and you each have no greater opportunity sitting before you than the days and weeks ahead. How will you each deal with the adversity that currently lies before you. Undefeated seasons, Conference, District, Regional, and MHSAA Championships are the easy things in life. Not easy to secure, but quite palatable to accept. The true test of our high school athletic character is how we both meet and deal with adversity. Right now, you are dealing with quite possibly a more difficult form of it than you ever imagined possible.

We Repeat What We Don’t Repair…

None of us can predict when Covid-19 will be in our rearview mirror and become a life lesson for us and future generations. This may still take time for our medical professionals to sort out and conquer (and I do believe they will). However, the question now becomes, what are each of you doing in the interim? How have you turned this loss into a platform for others? No different than any previous athletic competition, what have you learned from this situation and how will you now use that acquired knowledge to assist those less fortunate than yourself. The easy thing to do is to sit around and sulk, feel cheated and continually ask yourself, “why me?” You know the answer to “why me?” It is because this is who you are and this is what we do, all of us. Unfortunately, loss is a part of life and if you remember nothing else, please remember this. Sometimes we have to go through fire to make steel.

We Repeat What We Don’t Repair…

This is probably not your first loss in life and undoubtedly, it will not be your last. Make no mistake about it, this is a big one to endure. Nobody is mitigating that. However, I would admonish you to remember that each loss in life allows more resiliency when encountering the next. Each setback can be a springboard forward concerning not only athletics, but in life and society as well. The challenge now is not what will “We” all do without high school athletics, but rather what will “You” do without high school athletics. In the bigger picture, high school athletics may seem trivial at this critical juncture and some may dismiss them as irrelevant. However, the lessons we have all learned from them are not and each of you will implement them to meet, greet, and defeat this challenge head on. I am convinced of that. All my best, together.

“Iron Sharpens Iron, One Athlete Sharpens Another.”

Stay Strong and Persist,

Marc G. Hage, C.M.A.A.

Kensington Lakes Activities Association President

2019 MIAAA Athletic Director of the Year