Boys Varsity Swim/Dive Swimming · Boys Varsity Swim/Dive Swimming beats O.A. Carlson 106 – 79

106 Trenton High School
79 O.A. Carlson High School
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Trenton High School vs O.A. Carlson High School
106 79

Trenton and Carlson have had a good rivalry the past few years. Carlson won the Downriver League meet last year with Trenton following in second place. Trenton kicked off this season’s dual meet scoring two medley relays, the A (Dylan Lyons, Alex Herin, Enrique Alcantar, and Nick Medel) took 1st with a time of 1:50.91 and the B (Ethan Popp, Anthony Baldwin, Carl Pate, and Michael Hintzen) took 3rd with a time of 1:59.67. The score was 10-4 after this event. In the 200 freestyle, Trenton’s Michael Wolsek set a new pool record with a 1st place time of 1:46.14. Carlson followed up in the event with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Nick Medel (2:07.09), Kyle Begeman (2:17.31) and Ryan Bradburn (2:17.62) put up some great times for the Trojans. Carlson outscored Trenton in the 200 freestyle 9-7. The meet score was now at 17-13 Trenton. The 200 IM was a tight race. John Cameron from Carlson took 1st re-breaking his own pool record with a time of 1:59.03. Spencer Boling-Hamer from Trenton took 2nd with a season best of 1:59.71. Trenton’s Alex Herin (2:20.94), Carl Pate (2:30.54) and Caden Emmons (2:51.47) all had season best times in this event. Carlson took the event 9-7 moving the score closer to 24-22 Trenton. Trenton gained some grounds in the 50 free thanks to 1st place Caden Westrate (23.09), 3rd place Michael Hintzen (26.03), and 4th place Anthony Baldwin (26.12). The Trojans won the event 11-5 increasing Trenton’s lead to 35-27. Diving was up next. Trenton’s Dryden Oboza took 1st with a score of 162.00 and Greyson Jimenez took 4th with a score of 103.60. Trenton won the event 8-7. After diving the score was 43-34. Carlson’s John Cameron took the 100 fly with a time of 54.74. Trenton followed it up with 2nd Enrique Alcantar (57.83 ) and 3rd Caden Westrate (59.95). Carlson won the event 9-7 again closing the gap with an overall score of 50-43 Trenton. The 100 Free was another close match up for the two teams. Trenton’s Spencer Boling-Hamer took 1st with a time of 50.16. Carlson’s Geoffrey Honeycutt took 2nd with a time of 52.30. Trenton’s Dylan Lyons (54.37) took 3rd, Carslon’s Ben Conroy (54.41) took 4th and Trenton’s Micheal Hintzen (59.93) took 5th. The scores were 10- 6 in this event moving the overall score to 60-49 Trenton. Michael Wolsek and Chris Taylor battled in the 500 free. Michael (5:02.30) took 1st closely followed by Chris (5:03.92). Trenton’s Nick Medel (5:48.64) took 3rd, Carlson’s Chris Herman (6:05.40) took 4th, Carlson’s Nik Brown (6:08.84) took 5th and Trenton’s Chance Day (6:26.07) took 6th. Trenton won the event 9-7. The new overall score was now 69-56. The 200 freestyle relay was another great matchup leaving a margin of .79 seconds. Trenton’s A (Caden Westrate, Enrique Alcantar, Spencer Boling-Hamer, and Michael Wolsek) took 1st with a time of 1:32.72. Carlson took second with a time of 1:33.51. The event ended with a score of Trenton-8 Carlson-6 and an overall total score of 77-62. The 100 backstroke is another good stroke event for Carlson. The 2019 Division 2 MHSAA Championship Runner Up Ben Conroy took 1st in the event with a time of 57.73. Trenton followed up in the event taking 2nd and 3rd. Enrique Alcantar with a time of 1:02.38 and Dylan Lyons with a time of 1:02.59. Trenton’s Ethan Popp and Drew Martin also had season best times in the event. Ethan with a time of 1:08.39 and Drew with a time of 1:24.71. Carlson won the event 9-7 making the overall score 84-73. Trenton sealed the meet in the 100 breaststroke placing 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Alex Herin with a time of 1:07.77, Anthony Baldwin with a time of 1:13.53, and Sam Mckee with a time of 1:14.36. Freshman Trevor Mulford also had a season best of 1:23.33. The score in the event was 12-4 making the total meet score now 96-77. In the final event, the 400 free relay, Trenton took 1st with the relay of Spencer Boling-Hamer, Dylan Lyons, Caden Westrate, and Michael Wolsek in a time of 3:28.91 and 3rd with the team of Kyle Begeman, Michael Hintzen, Chance Day, and Nick Medel in a time of 4:01.60. The final score was Trenton 106-79